Our Group

Our values

Always looking for innovative brands in terms of quality and efficiency,

We are committed to providing all of our customers (pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, groups ...) with competitive products for their patients.
We believe in life, we participate, by your side, to improve care, to democratize access to the best healthcare devices.

Every life is important to us.

We are constantly looking for innovative products, effective devices, respectful of the human being and the environment for a better society, it's our culture!
We train our teams and value professional and personal development.

Reliability and trust are essential to work with peace of mind.

We do everything to ensure that our partners can implement their business in the desired area (one or more countries).
Our teams are trained and rigorous, our procedures are adaptable to each partner.

The pursuit of excellence is part of our corporate culture.

Our teams accurately advise health professionals according to their needs.
We encourage continuing education, creativity, a sense of responsibility and diversity within our company.

For VPM, the notion of "partnership" is paramount. From production to use, including distribution: from the laboratory to the user, we offer expert services and provide real added value in terms of development, in terms of market but also in terms of image.
VPM is committed to providing innovative and quality products to practitioners, as part of a process of partnership and advice.

Paul Vandromme
Expert in management and sales of pharmaceutical products in the French West Indies for over 10 years,
he decides to create Vandromme Medical Promotion in January 2015.

In a few words

VPM Conseil - Santé

We assist pharmaceutical and medical devices companies in their implementation and marketing in Africa and the Caribbean.

Company of performance, we work in close partnership with the companies we represent, in a competitive and complex environment.

We have 2 separate entities: VPMI (Vandromme International Medical Promotion) and VPM CS (Vandromme Medical Promotion Health Counsel)) that allow us to offer a panel of comprehensive and complementary services, close to the needs and expectations of our customers.

We are constantly looking for innovative products, respectful of people and the environment for a better society, it is our culture!

VPMI (Vandromme International Medical Promotion)

The VPMI agency, the international medical and para-medical promotion subsidiary, is based in Chartres, France.
We are close to the laboratories to better understand their export expectations.

We intervene in French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa and the French West Indies.

VPM CS (Vandromme Medical Promotion Health Counsel)

Created in January 2015, the VPMCS agency is the distribution subsidiary for medical and para-medical products.

Based in Abidjan VPMCS combines responsiveness and proximity. The agency can deliver customer orders (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, groups ...) to Abidjan and all cities within the country.

Our partners

Pharmaceutical companies

  • We accompany pharmaceutical companies that want to newly implement themselves in West Africa and the French West Indies.
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories that are already established and want better performances also use our agency.

Our other partners