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For VPM, the notion of "partnership" is paramount. From production to use, including distribution: from the laboratory to the user, we offer expert services and provide real added value in terms of development, in terms of market but also in terms of image.
VPM is committed to providing innovative and quality products to practitioners, as part of a process of partnership and advice.

Paul Vandromme
Expert in management and sales of pharmaceutical products in the French West Indies for over 10 years,
he decides to create Vandromme Medical Promotion in January 2015.

Ils nous font confiance

Dans les domaines de la cosmétique, du médicaments, de la nutrition et des dispositifs médicaux

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Our partners

Pharmaceutical companies

  • We accompany pharmaceutical companies that want to newly implement themselves in West Africa and the French West Indies.
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories that are already established and want better performances also use our agency.

Our other partners